Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Yes They Do – Find a Store Near You

does walmart sell stamps
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Stamps are those itty-bitty sticky things you hardly ever think of until you need them. Then they become quite important. Without them, you will never be able to send that letter or have an important document validated. Stamps are so important that there is a term for its study.

Philately is the study of stamps and stamp collecting. The term has been in existence since 1865 when Georges Herpin, thought to be the first stamp collector, coined it.

You may want to ask, if we have always used stamps, why was its study just given a name in the 17th Century? The answer is that no, we have not always used stamps.

How Did The First Stamp Come To Exist?

William Dockwra started the service that promised quick delivery of letters in London in the year 1680. When a letter is delivered to you, you as the recipient would pay for it. Though this system was nationalized, it was fraught with so many errors: the charges were not uniform, some recipients refused to pay, others may not be home as at the time of delivery.

In 1837, Rowland Hill proposed that the postal tariffs be abolished and that a national rate of one penny, paid by the sender, be used in its place. He worked with William Wyon and the very first stamp came out. It was a portrait of young Queen Victoria, refined by the artist Henry Corbould. So, on 1st of May, 1840, the first stamp anywhere in the world, was out on sale. It was named the ‘penny black’ and caused a great boost in the postal industry.

The following year, 70 million letters were sent and other countries quickly caught on – Canton Zurich, Brazil, Canton Geneve, Canton Basel. The United States came out with her own stamp on July 1, 1847. They were the 5-cent Franklin and 10-cent Washington.

But I Hardly Post Letters Do I still Need Stamps?

You may be the ultimate millennial who never sends snail mails but there are other instances where having a stamp will come in handy:

  • You want to send a postcard
  • You want to legalize an asset transfer process
  • You collect stamp as a form of recreation

Used when sending postcards: You are on the best vacation ever. While browsing that little, out-of-the-way store most tourist towns are known for, you saw the perfect postcard. You may have uploaded hundreds of pictures on your social media accounts for family and friends to see how much fun you are having. But there is something about sending cute postcards from faraway places. So, you bought some. But after signing with a flourish, you realized you needed some stamps.

Needed during transfer of assets: In some states of the US, there is the need for what is called stamp duty during the transfer of assets. Whether such transactions include lands, homes, securities, buildings, patents, or copyrights, the documents should bear a stamp showing the amount of tax paid. This is what makes such transactions valid and legal. While there are special stamps for this purpose by the name revenue stamp, postage stamps can also be used.

Stamp collection as a hobby: Stamp collecting is the gathering of materials related to the payment of postage and carrying mails. There was a time when this was the most popular hobby in the world. It was (and still is) a hobby that cuts across all the social classes. Kings, aristocrats, tutors, children, men, women, young, old; anybody can collect stamps. There are over 5 million collectors in the United States only. Notable among them include the financial giants Warren Buffet and Bill Gross, actors Patrick Dempsey and Gary Burghoff, and tennis champion Maria Sharapova to mention a few.

Collectors may base their collection on themes that are important to them such as football, maps, famous people, butterflies, ships, etc. Some may also collect based on countries or continents.

Stamp collection is fascinating because it is a fusion of a person’s personal interest and their love for stamps.

Where Can I Buy Walmart Stamps Near Me
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Where Can I Buy Walmart Stamps Near Me?

I mentioned earlier that most people never think about stamps until they need them. What happens when you need to get some letters or postcards out and there is no post office around you. Well, the next best place is a Walmart store.

There are 4, 692 stores in the United States only as at April 30 of this year. Whether it is in form of a supercentre, discount store, neighborhood market, or Sam’s Club, you can be sure there is a Walmart close to you. Most stores are open round the clock every day of the week. If you suddenly realize your need for stamps, get to the Walmart store closest to you. They also sell envelopes, papers, and pens. If you need more than stamps, they have you covered.

If you are asking, does Walmart sell single stamps, the answer is: no. They sell by the booklet. A book of stamps contains 20 stamps. You can also buy postage stamps at Rite Aid Stores | CVS Pharmacy | Walgreens |Target Stores