Does Walgreens Sell Stamps – (Locate a Walgreens Store Near Me)


Before the internet and e-mails, everyone used stamps. They are the means through which letters and packages made it from one location to another. It is what mail handlers used in sorting mails and enabled them to determine the speed with which a mail or package will be delivered.

At least, what has been used since they came into existence. The reason is that contrary to what you may think, stamps did not originate with the first letter.

A Little Journey Into The History Of Stamps

Britain was the first country to invent stamps. The first stamp was printed in 1840 bearing a portrait of Queen Victoria and is popularly called penny black.

Sir Rowland Hill, who proposed this invention, opined that charging postal rates based on the distance which a letter traveled was not good enough. He felt that using the weight of a letter would be a better way to determine the fees. And he proposed that rather than collect money when a letter is delivered, stamps would be a better way of payment.

They then discouraged those who might be averse to the new method by charging twice the normal fee when delivering a letter without stamps. Brazil caught on to the idea next and very rapidly other countries followed suit. By July 1, 1847, the first postage stamps came out in the United States. Over the years, the US has made a lot of changes in stamp printing. From perforated stamps in 1857 to the introduction of multicolored stamps in 1869, from generic stamps to commemorative ones, stamps have come a long way.

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But This Is The 21st Century, What Could I Ever Need Stamps For?

If you don’t need stamps, you will not be reading this. But if you believe stamps are only useful for sending snail mails, I’m about to surprise you. I agree the need mostly arise for stamps when you decide to mail your grandma that letter you have been promising you would. But these are other uses for stamps:

  • Stamps are used during the transfer of assets
  • People collect stamps as a hobby
  • And of course, posting of letters is the most widespread use of stamps

Used during asset transfer: The legal documents used in the transfer of assets and properties must bear what is known as stamp duty in certain states of the United States as well as countries like Singapore and Australia. Stamp duty is used during transfer of homes, copyrights, lands, buildings, securities, and patents. In places where this law holds, no transfer of documents is legal unless a stamp, bearing the amount of tax paid, is attached. The stamps used goes by the title revenue stamp but postage stamps may also be used for revenue purposes.

Stamp collection: You would think that will all the games and sources of recreation out there nobody would bother with collecting stamps again. That assumption is very much untrue. Although it is no longer the most popular hobby in the world, many people still do it. Stamp collectors have albums in which they stick their stamps. Most people have albums based on themes like music or football. Some choose to base them on countries or on a particular historical association. There are stamp clubs where serious collectors go to meet others and learn more.

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Used in posting letters: When you attached a stamp to your letter, it shows that you have paid for the mailing fees. The mail handlers can then process your letter and send it to where you requested. You can buy special delivery or express mail stamps depending on how quickly you want your letter delivered. Without a stamp, they will return your mail to you as you have not fulfilled the condition needed to send it.

But what happens when you need to get a letter out and you are unable to visit the post office?

You Can Get Your Stamps At Walgreen’s On Any Day Of The Week

Does Walgreen’s sell stamps you asked? If you have never considered going to Walgreen’s to buy stamps before now, I forgive you. After all, Walgreen’s is the place to have your prescriptions refilled, get vaccinated, or buy some gift items. But they sell stamps too! And it is so convenient with 8,175 stores scattered across the 50 states through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, you will find a store near you. Most are open 24 hours a day, including the weekends. So, if you are looking for where to buy postage stamps near you, hop into a Walgreen’s store and have your needs met. They sell by the booklet i.e. 20 stamps so even if you only need two, you will have to buy the whole booklet.

Stamps are an interesting part of our history and they will never be out of fashion. Anytime you need them, get into a Walgreen’s store and if you are in an unfamiliar state, use their store locator to find the nearest to you.

Other places where you can purchase postage stamps aside the post office are:

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