Everything You Need To Know About USPS Stamps

As a modern American, you probably rely heavily on technology to communicate with your friends and family members. It is undeniably true that texting and emailing is far easier than conventional snail mail. Nevertheless, there are some occasions that call for snail mail. You may be required to send a check to a local service provider. Or perhaps you’re sending in your tax payment to the IRS? Regardless of the situation, there is a good chance that you’ll need to purchase USPS stamps at some time in the near future. Within this in-depth guide, you will learn more about the postage stamp, its purpose, and how to acquire your own.

What Is The Postage Stamp?

Postage stamps are utilized all around the world. They’re nothing more than a small piece of paper that confirms the mail’s postage has already been paid for. Stamps are printed on special paper with an adhesive backing to ensure it can be attached to the letter without much trouble. The stamp will often feature patriotic or cute imagery, as well as a denomination or value. The mass majority of stamps will be rectangular in shape, but there are a few oddities here and there.

The stamp will be attached to the envelope, before it is dropped in the pickup box or taken to the local USPS facility.

A Long History


The concept of the postage stamp dates far back into history. Nevertheless, most historians believe that the first legitimate stamp was introduced to the public in 1840 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The stamp was created as a part of postal reforms brought about by Sir Rowland Hill. At the time and even today, postmarks were utilized to ensure that the stamps could not use used more than once. The first stamp, which is now identified as the Penny black, was made available to the public on May the 1st of 1840.

At the time, the Penny black could be used for any letter than weighed less than half an ounce. As long as letters met this requirement, they could be sent anywhere in the UK. The Two pence blue stamp was introduced just two days after the Penny black. Both features a representation of Queen Victoria. It is definitely true that stamps have come a long way since then.

Why Do People Buy USPS Stamps?

So, why would anyone want to purchase United States Postal Service stamps? Some reasons should be fairly obvious. When attempting to send a letter, you’ll need a stamp or two. However, it is also important to realize that stamps can be collectibles. They often feature imagery of today’s biggest icons or most notable events. For instance, some stamps will display a picture of the presidents, while others feature Elvis. Older stamps, such as the British Penny Red, can be worth substantial quantities. In fact, the British Penny Red is the most expensive stamp ever sold. With only nine of these stamps in the world, it sold for a price of 550,000 pound.

Where Can You Purchase USPS Stamps?

Whether you’re interested in collecting stamps or sending a letter, you’ll eventually need to purchase stamps. There is some good news. There are tons of different places to buy stamps. The most obvious, but not always the most convenient, is the local post office. All USPS post offices will sell stamps. If you do not live close to a post office, you might be better off buying your stamps from a retail store, such as a Walmart, Target, or even a Rite Aid.

Alternatively, you can also purchase stamps online through various retailers. The USPS even sells stamps directly through their official website. After you’ve made your online purchase, the stamps will arrive in your mail box within a few days.

Online Purchase

In the modern world, you no longer have to drive down to the post office to purchase postage stamps. The USPS now offers online services to consumers throughout the United States. The website provides a list of First-Class mail prices, which ranges from 21 to 49 cents. Postage for a one-ounce letter costs 49 cents, while postage for a postcard costs 34 cents.

You will have the option of purchasing the postage stamps and having the mailed directly to your physical address and instant purchases. Both options are very convenient, since they prevent you from needing to visit a USPS store.

Instant purchases are extremely conveniently, providing you with instant access to your postage. For instance, if you need postage for a small box that weighs two pounds, you will select the size of the box and the weight and the price will be calculated. You simply pay for the postage and print the label, which contains the forwarding and return address. All you need to do is affix the label to the box, utilizing clear tape.

Once the package is ready to be mailed out, you can place it in your home mailbox and the postman will retrieve it.

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