Does Staples Sell Stamps?

When you are in need of postage stamps, you normally do not have time to go searching all over the city. Well, you do not need to, because there are many specialty, retail and grocery stores, as well as pharmacies that sell postage stamps. In the modern world, it is truly very easy to access stamps, regardless if you are trying to do it online or offline.


Does Staples Sell Stamps

Staples Inc., an American office supply retailer, has more than 1,500 stores located throughout the North America. The retailer sells a wide array of office and school supplies, including backpacks, printing paper, markers, ink pens, stationary, furniture, cleaning supplies, batteries, printers, ink, filing cabinets and chair mats.

You may be surprised to discover that Staples also offers an array of mailing services. To answer the question does Staples sell stamps, it is as saying “yes.” The supply chain offers a selection of stamps, including a single stamp or a book of stamps. It is basically a one-stop-shop for office supplies and mailing services. Locate a staples store near you here.

History of Staples

Thomas G. Stemberg and Leo Kahn are the brains behind the Staples retail chain. Before partnering, the men were rivals in the supermarket industry. Stemberg came up with the idea for Staples, when he was working on a new business proposal. He found himself in need of a printer ribbon. It was Independence Day and the local dealer was closed, so he came up with the idea of an office supply store.

In 1986, Stemberg opened his first store in Brighton, Boston. Staples eventually expanded into the Canadian market, founding its first subsidiary in the country in 1991. The first Canadian store opened in Vaughan, Ontario and in 1987, the retailer entered the European market, with its first store opening in Swansea, United Kingdom.


Staples is set to provide consumers with a tremendously convenient way of shopping for office and school supplies. Today, you can enter a store and find just about from paper towels to coffee to postage stamps. There is no doubt that the business has grown into a megastore, with unlimited offerings.

Mailing Services

Staples’ mailing services is very helpful for customers that are in need of faxing services, postage stamps, envelopes, copies, passport photos and gift cards. Everything you need compiled into one department, so you do not need to go through the entire store searching for specific items.

Postage Stamps

The postage stamp is basically evidence for the mailperson and postal service that the consumer paid for postage. The stamp dates back to 1680, when William Dockwra established a mail system known as the London Penny Post. Dockwra partners with Robert Murray to establish the mailing system, which utilized hand-stamped postage to confirm postage payment. Even though the stamp did not have a similar appearance as the modern postage stamp, its purpose was the same.

The first affixed stamp was the idea of LovrencKosir, a Slovene civil servant, in 1835. The stamp was designed from “pressed paper wafers” and affixed to packages and letters, just like the modern stamp.

Back in the late 1800s, postage stamps were only available through the post office. Today, they are available at nearly every type of business, including retail stores, pharmacies, groceries, financial institutions, office supplies stores, such as Staples, and malls. Regardless, if you are only looking for a single stamp or a book of stamps, you will easily find it at one of these locations.

Postage is also available on the web, by visiting the USPS website. You can order a book of stamps and have it delivered to your home or purchase it instantly. Instant postage is printed off and affixed to the letter or package with clear tape.

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