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When you affix stamps to your mail, it is evidence that you have paid for the service you are requesting for – that your letter or package be taken from point A to point B. The mail handler can then process it and send it on its way. It also indicates how quickly a mail should get to its destination. So the handler knows whether to send it by airplane, boat, or car. Stamps usually show a national designation with the name of the country printed on it.

As a customer, you can also customize your mails with the aid of stamps; there are personalized stamps that allow you stick your photos on it to add sentimental value to what you are sending. If you are sending a business-related mail, you can use special postage stamps that cost more but which will ensure your mail enjoys top priority. Such mails get delivered quickly.

Importance Of Stamps To The Mail Handler

Even with the electronic mail replacing the old snail mail method of communication, hundreds of thousands of mails are still sent every month. Stamps make life easier for the post office staff. They can sort mails into the right category using the stamps on them. A mail handler can determine how important a mail is by looking at the stamp affixed to it.

Importance Of Stamps To The Lawyer

Property lawyers make use of stamps during the transfer of assets in certain states of the US. They are also used in Australia and Singapore. Known as stamp duty or transfer duty, it is a tax which you pay when you sell, buy, or transfer dutiable property. Such properties include patents, lands, buildings, copyrights, etc. In places where this exists, a physical stamp, called a revenue stamp, has to be attached to a document for such a document to be valid. This stamp will show the amount paid as tax. Postage stamps are also used in place of revenue stamps.

Since Stamps Are Ordinary Pieces of Paper, Can I Print Mine At Home?

You may be wondering what the fuss is about on the issue of stamps. You may even think that you can print some from the comfort of your home if you need it. If you do, you will find it impossible to use. Stamps are seen as security documents of the country of issue. This is why there are features embedded in them to counter the attempts at counterfeiting.

Early stamps created in the United States used the intaglio printing method. This was a security method that made it almost impossible to duplicate. The image of a stamp was engraved in recess into a small piece of steel. This recessed design was then reproduced on a large printing plate that had been fitted on a press. This process is, however, time-consuming, expensive, and difficult.

Right now, the US and most countries use the easier and cheaper method called offset lithography. This process transfers an inked image from a printing plate to a rubber blanket cylinder and finally to a stamp paper. This method is quite easy to duplicate so the postal authority has added different security measures to it.

The US and some other countries use microprinting as a protective measure. The type used in printing letters and numbers are so tiny that it is impossible to read the text without a microscope. If such stamps get reproduced by photocopying or a related method, the text become illegible, thereby indicating its counterfeit nature.

What Do I Do When I Need Stamps And Can’t Get To The Post Office?

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It happens to the best of us. You are about to go out and you keep trying to remember an important item you should get to no avail. Then it is 9:00 pm and you are at your desk, about to start writing that letter when you remember you are out of stamps. The post office is closed and your neighbor never sends snail mails. What do you do? Look for the CVS Pharmacy nearest to you.

Does CVS sell stamps, you ask. Though CVS is generally known as a pharmacy, they sell cosmetics, photo film, convenience foods, greeting cards, and of course, stamps. There are a whopping 9, 713 CVS stores in the US. You will definitely get one close to where you live or travel to. You don’t need to ask for where to buy stamps near you with CVS. Most of their stores are open 24 hours, all the days of the week. They also open during holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, 4th of July, Easter Sunday/Monday, Labor Day, Halloweens, etc. Whenever, wherever, CVS will take care of your stamp needs.

Locate CVS Pharmacy Store Near You

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Note: You should note that they do not sell single stamps. You will have to buy a book of stamps. Another thing to note is that they do not sell commemorative stamps.

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